Meet Carmen Coreas

Carmen Coreas is a speaker, facilitator, and International Business Consultant

for Creative Communication Network team.

In addition to her full-time job and schoolwork, Carmen serves as a part-time

associate International for the company.  Her featured presentation is entitled,

It Ends With You,” which she markets through CCN to agencies dedicated

to helping victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  

She also has a presentation entitled "My Journey," in which she explains how

she moved from victim to survivor to thriver.  An excellent speaker, the goal

of her presentation is to provide redirection, renewal, and hope in their lives.  

There is no charge for her presentation to qualifying agencies. 

She is an adamant opponent of prescription drugs and energy drinks

for quick-fix remedies, and speaks on “The  War Off Drugs.” 

Her forthcoming book is the story of her life, entitled The Strength that Laid

Within Me.  She has published two smaller booklets, "Much Love,"

and "From My Heart to Yours," which are available upon request.

She oversees a limited production of certain CCN book synopses

into Spanish, in an attempt to target active businesspersons of Hispanic

or other Latina origins to the 15MinuteBusinessBooks.com site.  

Although she has lived her entire life in the United States, Carmen is

Salvadorian, and is fully bilingual.  She has a perfect 4.0 grade point average

in all her college work that she has completed thus far.  

Carmen is very involved in Christian ministry, and is active

with Iglesia Fuego De Dios.  Her hobbies are reading, writing,

cooking, exercising, and shopping.

Her academic goal is to obtain a degree in Social Work,

and then, after law school, to become an attorney.  

She says, “I want to make a difference in society and in

other people’s lives. I want to be a lawyer and help fight for those

who do not have a voice. 

I want to fight for real justice and change other people’s lives.”

You can reach her at:  ccncarmen0722@aol.com or (240) 291-5555.


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