Carmen Coreas

The Life I Told

THE LIFE I TOLD is my life story, which chronicles the experiences that I had with domestic violence and sexual abuse, and how I found a new life with Jesus Christ.  Intensely spiritual, I organized the book in a sequential, chronological,

and incremental manner, using my own life as a roadmap, and Biblical references as chapter titles.

Who did I write this book for?  Who should read this book?

  • Victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse whose lives have been destroyed
  • “To reach the lost”
  • Caretakers
  • Ministers
  • Social workers
  • At-risk mothers
  • Church leaders and church members

What are five things a reader should know, when finished, that he or she did not know

when starting?

  • He or she is fully restored
  • He or she can realize that God was there all along
  • He or she can rise through the pain and memories
  • He or she has a God-given purpose
  • He or she knows that God understands

 What are five things a reader should be able to do, when finished, that he or she could not do when starting?

  • Walk toward God’s given purpose
  • Fulfill his or her dreams
  • Have hope and enjoy life
  • Seek and benefit from professional counseling
  • Forgive – get rid of baggage – shake off the anger

This book is under development and will be available shortly.  Return often for more information. 

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